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Washington Football Team tight end Logan Thomas reimbursed for season

On Wednesday, Washington Football Team tight end Logan Thomas was added to the injury reserve list due to a knee injury and is expected to be reimbursed for the season.

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This is the second time that Logan Thomas has been added to the injury reserve list this season. According to the rules, Logan Thomas can no longer be activated to the big list. Logan Thomas had previously missed six games due to a hamstring injury. Although an MRI scan showed that the ACL was not torn, Logan Thomas’ knee still received a certain degree of damage.

Logan Thomas is one of the key members of the Washington Football Team’s offensive team. He not only has high offensive efficiency in the red zone, but also has excellent screen capabilities. Logan Thomas completed 72 catches and 6 touchdowns last season, earning himself a three-year $24.05 million contract. In the previous six games, Logan Thomas completed 18 catches and scored three touchdowns.

Washington Football Team quarterback Taylor Heinicke said: “The impact is great. Logan is a very good player. It is hard to live without Logan Thomas, but when Logan Thomas is away, Ricky Seals-Jones and John Bates are also very well filled. vacancy.”