Washington Commanders

Washington announces new team name: Commanders

On Wednesday, Washington officially announced that the new team name decided to be Commanders, and there were new teamns and new jerseys.

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wholesale Washington Commanders jerseys

The team Chairman Wright and the main coach Ron Rivera had said before, considering the contact with the capital, the team will strive to integrate the army into the new name. Commanders is one of the commonly used military ranks.

WashingtonCommanders announced three new jersey on Wednesday: pure white dark red numbers with sleeves, add white stripes with dark red side; dark red jersey with gold color numbers with sleeves, plus platinum phase stripes. Pure black jersey with golden numbers, on both sides with dark red stripes, three dark red stars on golden background.

With black jersey will be on the side with golden numbers, positive black helmets with golden “w”. In addition, the two jersey will cooperate with dark red helmets, with gold “W” on the side, and the middle runs through a golden stripe.