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Warriors beat Wizards, Curry scores 47 on birthday night, Green returns

On March 15th, the NBA regular season played another game. The Golden State Warriors played against the Washington Wizards at home. Curry scored 13 points in the last quarter to take away the game. Four-game losing streak.

In this campaign, Curry scored 47 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists on his 34th birthday, Green returned with 6 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, and Klay & Poole each scored 20 points.

Six of the Wizards scored in double figures, Porzingis 25 points and 8 rebounds, Pope 19 points, Kuzma 11 points and 8 rebounds.

In the first quarter, Kuminga made a dunk, Thompson hit a three-pointer, Pope broke the ice with a layup, and the Warriors scored 4 points in a row to take a 9-2 lead. Kispert made a breakthrough, Poole responded with a three-pointer, and then Thompson made a long shot. Neto and Boshen scored 4 points in a row, and the Wizards fell behind 12-15. Kuminga made a dunk, Avdia and Neto scored 6 points in a row, and the Wizards overtook 1 point. Curry hit a three-pointer, Neto made a jumper, Porter and Base Hachimura made a three-pointer against Biao, Curry and Green made three-pointers in a row, and the Warriors led 29-23. Avdia responded with a long shot, Thompson made a mid-range shot, Gaford hit one of two free throws, Bjelica made a dunk, Smith beat the whistle for a three-pointer, and the Wizards entered the second quarter with a 33-30 lead.

In the second quarter, Porzingis hit a one-step jumper, Porter made a “three-pointer on the line” from the bottom corner, the Warriors converted to attack Poole and counterattacked against Pope’s 2+1 lever, Hachimura made a three-pointer, Poole was in a hurry After stopping and retreating, Satoransky hits picturesquely. Satoransky responded with an emergency stop from the free throw line, Poole converted his offense and folded for a layup, and Pop received Porzingis from the left and scored. Bjelica and Kuzma made three-pointers from the top arc successively, and Moody also received three-pointers from the left bottom corner. Moody’s shot from Litsa suddenly along the bottom line, Curry Baifo tricked Porzingis into making a long two-pointer, and Kuminga also had an open three-pointer. The Warriors led 57-46 by double digits to stop the Wizards. Green scored Curry’s mistake and Neto counterattacked and advanced, Curry responded immediately with a three-pointer, and Gaford, who made a sudden point to the basket, was put in by Rooney. The latter made up for the empty cut Green to score, Gafford ate a cake at the basket, Klay cut to the layup, Curry caught the rebound and made a layup, and Pope scored 5 points in a row. At halftime, the Wizards 57-73 Warriors.

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Rooney received Curry’s cake and put it in the basket. Kuzma ran back and scored the ball, Pope turned over the middle distance, and Kleima responded with a three-pointer from the bottom corner. Neto stole the ball and threw Kispert into the frontcourt, Klay also made a low-post turn, Porzingis emptied the basket, Pope stepped back and made a two-pointer, Poole pushed the ball and Rooney dunked in. Kuzma hit the basket with a big hook, Avdia slammed into the basket, and then he caught the lob and ate the cake, and the Wizards chased down to single digits. Curry made a pick-and-roll jumper from the free throw line, Kuzma broke through the hanging basket and Gaford made an alley-oop dunk, Curry singled out Smith’s pick and scored, then hit a jumper on Kuzma, and made another three-pointer to score 7 points in a row ! Avdia made a three-pointer on the right, but Curry still had a three-pointer. Smith converted the offense and gave Gaford an alley-oop to the basket, Hachimura Rui Porter made a high jumper, and Curry made a mid-range shot. At the end of the third quarter, the Wizards 84-101 Warriors.

Smith hit a jumper in the distal quarter, Tang Shen responded with a three-pointer, and the Warriors led 104-86. Then the Wizards scored 6 points in a row, Kuming added a three-pointer to stop the bleeding, Poole hit one of two free throws, and the Warriors led by 16 points. The Wizards scored 5 points in a row and the Warriors quickly stopped. Base Hachimura sent a dunk, Curry broke through to stop the bleeding, Avdia made a strong attack, and the Wizards fell behind 103-112. Curry made another three-pointer, Pop hit a jumper, Curry continued to hit a three-pointer, and made a breakthrough. He scored 8 points in a row to help the Warriors open a 13-point gap. Pope made a layup, Curry scored 2+1, and the Warriors led 121-107. Then he made two free throws. In the last 2 minutes, the Warriors once again expanded their advantage to more than 15 points, and the suspense of the game was lost.