Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady’s father said that the retired rumors are not true

On Saturday, the old quarter-saving Tom Brady decided to retire, ending his 22-year career. But his father, Tom Brady Sr is not so much.

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Tom Brady’s father told reporters that the son did not prepare for retirement, this news is “the untrusted news of network media.”

Tom Brady’s broker did not confirm this news, he said in a statement: “I understand the current guess for Tom Brady. Under the premise of talking about the accuracy of the existing report, Tom Brady is the only one can be determined. Future planned people. He understands the process of rugby business, will plan the schedule as others, so (accurate information) should be very fast. “

There is also a reporter report that Tom Brady contacted the general manager of Tampa Bay Buccaneers, indicating that there is no final decision to decide. The sports brand TB12 owned by Tom Brady has also deleted twections on retiring.

The earliest reporters did not change the meaning of the mouth. At present, the major news websites have not withdrawn reports and commemorative articles about Tom Brady retirement.