Tennessee Titans

Tennessee Titans activates wide receiver Julio Jones

On Saturday, Tennessee Titans activated wide receiver Julio Jones from the injury reserve list, which means Julio Jones will play this week’s game against Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Julio Jones suffered a hamstring injury in the third week and missed the next two games. Last month, Julio Jones suffered a hamstring sprain during training and was added to the injury reserve list. The last time Julio Jones played for the Tennessee Titans would go back to Week Nine’s 28-16 victory over Los Angeles Rams.

Julio Jones returned to training on Monday and immediately began to run in with quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Ryan Tannehill said on Wednesday: “We haven’t passed training together for a while. These trainings are very important and we also got some opportunities on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing Julio Jones return to the court and complete the offense. The effect is currently good.”

Julio Jones has completed 21 catches this season, advancing for 336 yards.