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Tennessee Titans activates outside linebacker Bud Dupree’s biggest roster

On Saturday, Tennessee Titans activated outside linebacker Bud Dupree from the injury reserve list. Sunday happened to be the match between Tennessee Titans and Bud Dupree former club Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Bud Dupree injured his core muscles in the first defensive game in Week 10’s win against New Orleans Saints. Bud Dupree missed the game in December of the previous year due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament of his knee.

Bud Dupree has returned to training at the beginning of this week, which also let Tennessee Titans know that Bud Dupree is recovering enough to compete.

Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel said in an interview on Friday: “Compared to a few weeks ago when we could only do simple exercises, it is great to have enough people on the field to train now. For Bud Dupree, being able to train on the court, It’s also very good to move the body.”

Bud Dupree played in 7 games this season, completed a sack, 6 quarterback bumps, and forced a drop. Tennessee Titans signed a five-year $82.5 million contract with Bud Dupree in March of this year.