Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially cut wide receiver Antonio Brown

Four days after wide receiver Antonio Brown took off his helmet and jersey during the game, and angrily left, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially suspended his contract.

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“Antonio Brown did receive treatment for an ankle injury before the game and was also included in the injury report. However, the medical team confirmed that he could play before the game, and Antonio Brown never told the medical staff that he could not play.”

“We have tried many times this week to get outside experts for diagnosis and treatment, but Antonio Brown is not cooperating. Ensuring the safety and health of the players has always been our primary goal.”

Antonio Brown said on Wednesday that he repeatedly informed Tampa Bay Buccaneers that he could not participate in the game due to an ankle injury. But coach Bruce Arians denied any relevant communication. “He never mentioned his ankle to the doctor during the game-this is a normal process. We will follow the process during the game, but I have never been notified about it.”

In addition, Antonio Brown left the game for another reason: dissatisfied that he did not get enough opportunities to catch the ball. Antonio Brown and his agent also asked Tampa Bay Buccaneers to turn the remaining $2 million incentive bonus into a guaranteed amount last week, but Tampa Bay Buccaneers rejected this request.