Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians tests positive for new crown

On Tuesday, Tampa Bay Buccaneers officially announced that coach Bruce Arians tested positive for the new crown and is currently in isolation at home.

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Bruce Arians told ESPN reporters that he is currently fine, with only mild symptoms, mainly coughing. Assistant coach and rushing coordinator Harold Goodwin will temporarily act as the coach.

Bruce Arians wrote in the statement: “I have full confidence in Harold Goodwin and the coaching staff. They will help the team prepare for the game against the New York Jets. I look forward to completing the test as soon as possible, re-entering the training facility and returning to the team.”

The 69-year-old Bruce Arians has encountered several health problems in his career, including prostate cancer in 2007, skin cancer and renal cell carcinoma in 2013, the latter forcing him to undergo surgery to remove part of his kidney.

Harold Goodwin has been Bruce Arians’ right-hand man since 2007, passing Pittsburgh Steelers (offensive striker coach and quality management coordinator), Indianapolis Colts (offensive striker coach) and Arizona Cardinals (offensive coordinator).