Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks signs with veteran running back Adrian Peterson

Veteran running back Adrian Peterson’s achievements are enough to be inducted into the Hall of Fame, but his career continues.

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Seattle Seahawks announced on Wednesday afternoon that the 36-year-old veteran running back was signed to the training lineup. Peterson is likely to be activated to the big roster in subsequent games. Peterson had briefly signed with Tennessee Titans before to supplement the depth of the lineup after the loss of Derrick Henry. In three games, Peterson rushed the ball 27 times, advanced 82 yards, and had one touchdown.

Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said: “I will wait to see how his training performance. I have watched the video, and I have seen him play. He is as strong and determined as before, and I look forward to his impact.”

Peterson rushed for 14,902 yards during his career, ranking fifth in NFL history. He played for Minnesota Vikings for the first ten years of his career, and then moved to Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Washington Football Team and Detroit Lions.

Seattle Seahawks averaged 92.5 yards per game this season, ranking 25th in the league. Starting running back Chris Carson has been absent with a neck injury since Week 5. After running back Alex Collins, who replaced him, he has only one game to rush for more than 50 yards.