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Antetokounmpo 28+17 Holiday quasi-lore Bucks beat Heat

On March 3, the NBA regular season, the Bucks beat the Heat 120-119 at home. In the last round of the game, the Heat made a mistake on the sideline, and Holiday made a layup to complete the quasi-lore. The Bucks made a 21-6 in the last 7 minutes and defeated the Heat at home.

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Antetokounmpo scored 28 points, 17 rebounds and 5 assists, Middleton had 26 points, and Holiday had 25 points and 11 assists. For the Heat, Herro scored 30 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, Vincent 21 points, Adebayo scored 18 points and 12 rebounds, and Butler scored only 6 points on 2 of 14 shots.

Tucker took the lead with a layup, Portis made a three-pointer, Vincent made a layup, Portis and Dunro made a three-pointer against Biao, and the Heat started a 7-6 lead. The Bucks blasted a wave of 8-0 to widen the point difference, the Heat made 3 free throws in a row to stop the bleeding, Middleton made a long shot, Allen made a layup, and the Bucks led 21-12. Adebayor stormed to stop the bleeding, and Middleton opened a 10-point gap with a three-pointer. Vincent made a layup, Dunro continued the fire with a three-pointer, Portis and Holiday scored 4 points in a row, and the Bucks led 28-19. The Heat chased 5 points in a row, Ibaka and Antetokounmpo scored 6 points in a row and opened a 10-point gap again. Butler scored 4 points in a row to stop the bleeding, Struth hit a jumper, and the Heat entered the second quarter behind 28-36.

In the second quarter, Herro took the lead in hitting a three-pointer, Walla scored 5 points in a row, Martin also scored 5 points in a row with a penalty, Adebayor scored 2+1, Herro made a breakthrough, and the Heat tied at 41. The Bucks scored 5 points in a row to stabilize the situation, Struth and Herro hit three-pointers in a row, and the Heat overtook 1 point. Vincent made a second offense, Holiday made two free throws, Martin made a tip, Portis made a basket, Herro made a breakthrough, and the Heat led 53-50. Middleton tied with a three-pointer, then he made two free throws to overtake the score, Herro and Carter made a three-pointer against Biao, Dunro made another three-pointer, Holiday made a layup, Dunro made another long-range shot, the Heat 64-62 lead. Adebayor made a throw, Middleton made a layup, and the Heat overtook 66-64 into the second half.

In the third quarter, the Heat blasted a wave of 11-2 at the beginning, and instantly widened the difference to 11 points. Antetokounmpo scored 2+1 to stop the bleeding, Adebayor sent dunks, Portis scored inside, and the Bucks responded with a wave of 9-0 to overtake the score 80-79. Dedmon caused Antetokounmpo’s fourth foul and made two free throws. Holiday returned with two free throws. Herro and Tucker made three consecutive three-pointers, Holiday made another three-pointer, and the Bucks fell behind 85-87. Middleton made two free throws to tie, Hiro made a three-pointer, Struth made a dunk, Antetokounmpo made two free throws, Adebayo made a dunk, Matthews made two free throws, Antetokounmpo made two free throws Sending dunks, Struth hit a three-pointer, and the Heat led 97-93 into the distal quarter.

Martin scored 5 points in the distal quarter, and the Heat opened a 9-point gap. Antetokounmpo made a layup, Hiro picked the basket to score points, Antetokounmpo made two free throws and the Bucks fell behind 99-104. The Heat blasted 9-0 to establish a 14-point lead, Antetokounmpo dunked to stop the bleeding and scored a tip, then Antetokounmpo made two free throws, Holiday scored a three-pointer, the Bucks chased to 107-113, and Adebayor made a basket Finished down. Holiday made a jumper, Portis made a tip-up, Antetokounmpo made two free throws, and the Heat led 115-113. Hero made a jumper, and Antetokounmpo continued to make two free throws. Then Adebayor made a key jumper and the Heat opened a 4-point gap. Herro made a mistake in passing, and Middleton converted a three-pointer to continue his life. In the last 13.5 seconds, the Heat led 119-118 by 1 point. The Bucks pressed the Heat to serve and won the ball, and Holiday completed the lore at the last moment.

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Rozier 29 points, Garland 33 points, Hornets rout Cavaliers

On March 3, the NBA regular season, the Hornets beat the Cavaliers 119-98 away. Rozier scored 29 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists, Oubre scored 19 points, Bridges scored 15 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists, and Thomas scored 10 points in his Hornets debut. Only three of the Cavaliers scored in double figures, Garland scored 33 points, Allen scored 18 points and 11 rebounds, and Markkanen scored 12 points.

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Garland, who came back at the beginning of the first quarter, sent a 2+1 assist pass for his inside partner Allen, and then he threw a shot to score the team first, but the Hornets also quickly entered the state, and the recent offensive end has been hot Rozier even scored 5 points with a penalty and led the team to respond. The attacking efficiency of the two sides was very high at the beginning. After several waves of attacks, the two sides were deadlocked all the way. In the first 8 minutes, the biggest difference between the two sides was only 5 points at the beginning. The two teams did not decide the winner until the end of the quarter. Washington became the Raiders and scored 4 key points in a row. With Oubre’s two three-pointers, the Hornets still took a 7-point lead to end the first quarter despite the good offensive performance of the opposing team.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Harrell scored by actively performing consecutive alley-oop layups and tip-ups, while the Cavaliers relied on Garland and Stevens to continuously attack Lan to score goals to respond. The two sides scored 4 points each in this wave of attacks. But it is also all the points in the first 3 minutes and 30 seconds of the two sides. The first to break the scoring drought was Garland’s consecutive goals to hit the basket, but the Hornets who took the lead were still the Hornets who came from behind. Rozier’s key 2+1 and Bridges’s quick dunk sounded the offensive horn, and then Martin and Rozier both hit three-pointers, and the Hornets once again pulled the score in the second half. After halftime, the Hornets only lost 18 points in a single quarter and led the Cavaliers 64-49 into the second half.

Returning from the rest, Washington and Garland competed with three-pointers to kick off the second half, but the Hornets performed better in the opening duel. Rozier once again scored an unstoppable 2+1, and Bridges’ quick dunks made the difference. The stretch to 20 points forced the Cavaliers to call a timeout early. This timeout can only solve the Cavaliers’ offensive problem, but the defense can’t stop the opponent at all. Rozier continues to score frantically as if he opened the scope. With the constant counterattacks of Martin, Oubre and others, the Hornets maintained 20 all the way. above and below zero. In the last paragraph, Osman and Markkanen hit three-pointers in succession to stop the bleeding briefly. Garland then hit a three-pointer at the buzzer. The Cavaliers used a crazy attack to chase the point difference to 16 points and enter the fourth quarter.

The Cavaliers still couldn’t stop the opponent at the beginning of the final quarter. Thomas and Oubre hit two three-pointers in succession shortly after the start. Fortunately, the Cavaliers’ own offense was still on the line. Defense is always their biggest hidden danger, and there is always someone on the Hornets side who can stand up. Bridges scored 7 key points in a row to help the Hornets consolidate their advantage. At the end of the stage, the knights no longer had the power to counterattack, and the two sides replaced the bench to play the remaining time. In the end, the Hornets beat the Cavaliers to win the game.

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Ingram 33 points Varan 17+14 Pelicans beat Kings

On March 3, the NBA regular season resumed. The Pelicans beat the Kings 125-95 at home to win their third straight. In this campaign, the Pelicans scored in double figures, Ingram scored 33 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists, Valanciunas 17 points and 14 rebounds, McCollum 17 points, 6 rebounds and 9 assists; the Kings, Fox 25 points, Pakistan Enns scored 19 points and Sabonis Jr. had 15 points, 14 rebounds and 7 assists.

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Ingram assisted Varan to score at the basket and took the lead, and then little Sabonis responded with the same basket. The two sides started the battle to a 5-5 tie, and then the Pelicans exerted their strength. Ingram succeeded in three consecutive attacks, leading a 9-2 offensive wave and helping the team to pull the score away, but then Barnes, Lyles, Fox scored three consecutive three-pointers, and the Kings responded with a 9-0 attack. After that, the King once opened the lead to 6 points. However, in the last minute of this quarter, Hayes and Marshall continued to chase points. After the first quarter, the King led 33-31.

In the second quarter, the two teams were tied and took the lead alternately. There were 6 minutes and 21 seconds left in this quarter. DiVincenzo’s three-pointer succeeded and helped the Kings take a 4-point lead, but Ingram soon helped the team to make the score. tied. After the two teams were tied at 53, the Pelicans began to exert their strength. Ingram and McCollum teamed up and played a 10-1 attack wave to widen the difference, but then Fox used his personal ability to succeed in a row and let the King continue. Bite tight, and by the end of the second quarter, the Kings trailed 61-65.

After changing sides, the Pelicans kept their lead. With 9 minutes and 13 seconds left in this quarter, Justin Holiday made a three-pointer, helping the team narrow the difference to 3 points for a while, but then Herbert – Jones’ three-pointer once again helped the team to pull the score away, Valanciunas hit the basket to score, and a 7-1 attack opened the advantage. There are 5 minutes and 27 seconds left in this quarter. Ingram hit the basket and the Pelicans led by double digits. After that, the Kings fell into a scoring drought, and the Pelicans had another 10-2 offensive wave. At the end of the third quarter, The Kings trailed 82-96.

In the last quarter, the Pelicans chased after the victory. Marshall and Valanciunas teamed up to play a 9-2 attack wave. The difference between the two sides instantly widened to more than 20 points, and the King asked for a timeout. After the timeout, Lamb scored a mid-range shot, Sabonis made a killing and made two free throws, but then Ingram responded with a difficult jumper. After that, Lamb and Fox once helped the team reduce the difference to 15 points, but they could never stop Ingram’s offense.

There are still 4 minutes and 11 seconds left in this quarter. Ingram received a pass from McCollum and hit a three-pointer. Then Herbert Jones scored 5 points in a row and the Pelicans once again opened the difference to more than 20 points. The game immediately entered garbage time, and the two sides began to replace the bench training lineup one after another, and the Pelicans had more vitality on the bench. The score between the two sides quickly opened to 30 points. In the end, the King was powerless and could only swallow the ending of defeat. .

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Brogdon 31+11+8 Pacers beat Magic in overtime

On March 3, the NBA regular season resumed. The two sides tied at 110 in regular time, and the game entered an overtime showdown. In the end, the Pacers defeated the Magic 122-114. In this campaign, Brogdon scored a game-high 31 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists, Haliburton 21 points and 6 assists, and Hield 17 points and 6 rebounds. The Magic’s two-game winning streak ended. Wagner Jr. 28 points and 6 rebounds, Bamba 19 points and 12 rebounds, and Carter Jr. 13 points and 18 rebounds.

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At the beginning of the game, Haliburton assisted Jackson with a good pass, Wagner Jr. responded with a layup, Bamba scored 5 consecutive kills, and the Magic responded with a 7-0 offensive wave. Haliburton and Jackson responded briefly, and Bamba made three consecutive hits. Points, Carter dunked and exploded the basket, the Magic stopped the opponent 8-0, Carter and Wagner Jr. combined inside and outside to get points in the middle, and the Magic expanded their advantage. At the end, Okeke made a three-pointer, and Brogdon responded with a throw. Carter made a strong start and scored 2+1, and Fultz also made a jumper. At the end of the first quarter, the Magic took the lead 31-22.

Back in the second quarter, Fultz scored a 2+1 jumper, Brogdon responded with a three-pointer, Okiki and Hampton scored consecutive points, and the Magic’s lead once reached double digits. Taylor and Smith teamed up to chase points, and Halib Dayton made consecutive layups, the Pacers stopped the Magic 9-2 in a wave, Suggs made a strong shot to stop the bleeding in the middle, Jackson scored 6 points in a row and responded strongly, Hield continued to fire on the outside, the Pacers continued to chase points, and Bamba at the end Stabilizing the situation with Wagner Jr., Brissett responded with a three-pointer. After halftime, the Magic held the advantage 62-58.

After changing sides and fighting again, the Pacers’ offense stagnated again. Wagner Jr. made a sudden outing and continued to score points. Brogdon and Jackson stopped the bleeding for a short time. 14-4 attacked Po to open the score, Haliburton scored a free throw in the middle and finally stopped the bleeding, but Anthony and Carter made consecutive mid-range shots, and the Magic firmly dominated. Carter and Fultz scored consecutive points at the end, and Stephenson responded with a jumper. , After the end of the three quarters, the Magic 91-76 expanded the advantage.

In the final quarter, Brogdon scored consecutive free throws to score points, Ross immediately responded with a three-pointer, but then the Magic’s offense was a little sluggish, Hield found a 3-pointer with a strong touch, Washington scored 2+1, and Brogdon scored a three-pointer. Sudden outside shots continued to score points, Hield continued to combine internal and external firepower, Haliburton made three points and then the Pacers fired a 23-5 offensive wave to overtake in one fell swoop, Bamba and Wagner Jr. Burton made another go-ahead three-pointer, Brogdon made one of two free throws, Bamba made a tip-up to level the difference, Brogden missed the basket, and the two sides tied at 110 and entered overtime.

In overtime, Suggs threw a shot and scored two points first, Haliburton responded in time for a layup, Hield made a steady three-pointer, Haliburton made another three-pointer, and the Pacers gained a 6-point advantage. At the critical moment, the Pacers challenged a three-point foul successfully. Brogdon and Smith scored consecutive free throws. The Magic failed to chase the points. In the end, the Pacers reversed the Magic.

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Alexander scored 29 points, Jokic 22+16, Thunder beat Nuggets

On March 3, the NBA regular season continued, and the Thunder defeated the Nuggets 119-107 on the road.

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The Thunder avoided a losing streak, Alexander 29 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, Robbie 26 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, Mann 13 points and 5 rebounds, Bazley 12 points and 8 rebounds.

The Nuggets ended their six-game winning streak, Jokic 22 points, 16 rebounds and 4 assists, Hyland 19 points and 4 assists, and Forbes 18 points.

In this game, the Nuggets lacked 4 players including Murray and Porter Jr., and the Thunder lacked 8 players including Gidey, Dort, and Favors. In the first 3 minutes of the first quarter, the Nuggets scored 0 of 5, and only scored 2 free throws and fell behind 2-9. Jokic shot and hooked two goals in a row to chase the points, and Robbie dunked in return. Barton made two free throws, Alexander made a mid-range shot, Jeff Green dunked with a one-armed tomahawk, Mann hit a throw, and Gordon and Pokushevsky made a dunk. Bazley also completed dunks, the Nuggets scored 5 points in a row, the Thunder scored 5 points in a row in return, the Nuggets played a wave of 7-0 offensive, and the two teams tied at 24-24 in the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Krejic and Forbes made a three-pointer against each other. Sarr made a dunk, and Rivers responded with a three-pointer. Forbes made 2 of 3 free throws, Jamaicao Green made a dunk, and Robbie made one of two free throws. Cousins ​​made two free throws and Forbes made a three-pointer. Rivers scored an 11-point advantage with a throw, and the Thunder took a 14-2 offensive to overtake by 1 point. Jokic and Maledon each scored 2 points. Jeff Green dunked 2+1 with Jokic, and the Thunder chased 3 more points. The Nuggets led the Thunder 57-55 in the first half.

After changing sides, Bazley dunks and Robbie overtook the score with a three-pointer. The Nuggets scored 4 points in a row, Bazley responded with a three-pointer, Morris made a layup, and Alexander and Gordon each scored 2 points. The Thunder made a 13-4 offensive with three consecutive three-pointers to stop the Nuggets, Hyland made two consecutive three-pointers to stop the Thunder, and Forbes 3+1 went ahead by 1 point. Krejic responded with two consecutive three-pointers, Mann hit a shot, and the Nuggets were overtaken by the Thunder by 7 points 79-86 in the first three quarters.

In the final quarter, Maledon made two free throws and Jamaicao Green each scored 2 points. Waters scored a 10-point advantage with a three-pointer. The Nuggets scored 4 points in a row. The Thunder responded with a 6-2 offensive and continued to lead by 10 points. Forbes and Hyland each scored a three-pointer, Sal and Jamaicao-Green each completed a dunk, and Forbes and Maledon each scored a three-pointer. Cousins ​​was replaced and returned to the locker room. Robbie tipped the basket and Pokushevsky dunked to stop the Nuggets. Jokic made a mid-range shot and Alexander scored a 9-point advantage. Morris made a layup, Alexander responded with a layup, Gordon made a fast-break dunk, Alexander made one of two free throws, Forbes missed a three-pointer, and Alexander scored an 11-point advantage to stop the Nuggets. The Nuggets were powerless, and the Thunder finally beat the Nuggets in an upset.

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Embiid 27+12 Harden quasi triple-double, 76ers reverse Knicks

On March 3, the NBA regular season continued, and the 76ers defeated the Knicks 123-108 at home.

The 76ers won four-game winning streak, Embiid 27 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists, Harden 26 points, 9 rebounds and 9 assists, Maxey 25 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists, Harris 14 points and 7 rebounds.

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The Knicks lost six straight, Barrett 30 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists, Randle 24 points and 6 rebounds, Quickley 11 points, Robinson 10 points and 7 rebounds.

Miro took the lead at the basket, Embiid responded with a jumper, Randle made a mid-range shot, Embiid made two free throws, and then Barrett scored 5 points in a row, Miro made dunks, and the Knicks started 11-4 lead . Harris stopped the bleeding with a three-pointer, Barrett responded with a long shot, Sims sent a dunk, and the Knicks opened a 9-point gap. Harris made the basket, Harden made a 2+1 and made another three-pointer, and then Sable made another three-pointer, and Philadelphia tied the score. Randle made a strong attack, Maxey responded with a breakthrough, and then Randle scored 2+1, Embiid hit one of two free throws, and Philadelphia fell behind 23-25. The Knicks made an effort to play a wave of 8-2. After the first quarter, Philadelphia trailed 25-33.

In the second quarter, Barrett sent 2+1, Quickley made a throw, Reddish made a layup, and the Knicks opened the 15-point gap with a 7-0 start. Green stopped the bleeding with a three-pointer, Gibson and Barrett scored consecutive points, and the Knicks led 44-28. Harden scored 4 points in a row to stabilize the situation, Milton made a layup, Reddish made a three-pointer, Harden made a layup and Philadelphia fell behind 36-47. Quickley made two free throws, Harden responded with two free throws, Barrett made a jumper, Harden made a basket, and then Embiid took a T to send a free throw, Harden made a three-pointer, and Philadelphia chased 45-54. Randle made a layup, Fournier and Burks made consecutive free throws, Embiid scored 4 points in a row to stop the bleeding, Barrett hit a jumper, Harden responded with a breakthrough, Harris made a layup, Philadelphia trailed 55-62 into the second half.

At the start of the third quarter, Embiid scored 2+1 and hit a three-pointer, and Philadelphia approached a 1-point gap. Robinson sent dunks, Barrett and Thybull scored three points against Biao, Burks scored 2+1, and the Knicks led 70-64. Maxi scored 5 points in a row, Fournier made a breakthrough, Randle hit one of two free throws, and the Knicks led 73-69. Embiid hit a three-pointer, Harden made two free throws, and Philadelphia overtook the score 74-73. Embiid made one of two free throws, Randle made a layup, Niang made a three-pointer, Maxey made two free throws, and Philadelphia opened a 5-point gap. Quickley hit a shot, and Philadelphia scored 7 points in a row to establish an 87-77 advantage. Toppin and Green scored a three-pointer against Biao, Harden scored 2+1, Barrett hit one of two free throws, and Philadelphia led 93-81 into the final quarter.

At the beginning of the final quarter, the Knicks scored 6 points in a row, Harris made a throw, Barrett scored 2+1, Harris made another three-pointer, and Philadelphia led 98-90. Maxey made a layup, Harris made two free throws, Robinson made a cake, Maxey continued to hit a three-pointer and made two free throws, Philadelphia led 107-92. Burks stopped the bleeding with a three-pointer, Barrett made a layup, and Embiid made another hit, giving Philadelphia a 109-99 lead. Maxey hit a difficult three-pointer, Randall responded with 2+1, Embiid made two free throws, Sable scored 4 points in a row, and Philadelphia led by 16 points in the last 102 seconds to seal the victory.

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Team strength list: Sun Grizzlies lead, Warriors fall to ninth

In March, the NBA officially announced the latest team strength list, ranking as follows:

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  1. Phoenix Suns Last ranking: 1

Record: 49 wins and 12 losses

After Chris Paul was injured, Cameron Johnson became Booker’s new backcourt partner. The two played 62 minutes at the same time last week, in which the Suns scored 134 points in 100 possessions. Booker is obviously not as good at playmaking as Paul, but he can find weakside teammates in the pick-and-roll offense, or players who can assist down the line. Johnson and Crowder have shot 19-for-39 from 3-point range in their last three games, a rate of 49 percent.

But the Suns are currently on a two-game losing streak, their first since December. There’s something wrong with their defense, and they’ve dropped 130 points per 100 possessions in the past two games. The Suns have 13 of their remaining 19 games on the road, and such a schedule will be a big test for them until Paul returns to health.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies Last ranking: 2

Record: 42 wins and 20 losses

The Grizzlies are one of only two teams in the top 10 offensively and defensively this season. Their defense ranked second in the league in the past three months, but they still exposed some weaknesses in the actual game, such as not good enough fast break defense, not enough pressure on the ball handler. They gave up 66 points in the second half against the Timberwolves last Wednesday, which brought them their 15-point lead for the second time this season. They also suffered their first losing streak since December last week.

The Grizzlies still showed their fighting ability in Sunday’s win over the Bulls, where Morant scored 46 points, 35 of which were in the paint or free throws.

  1. Miami Heat Last ranking: 3

Record: 40 wins and 21 losses

The Heat’s starting five were very dominant, with the Heat outscoring opponents by 29.5 points per 100 possessions with all five on the floor. In the two games after the All-Star break, the Heat linked the Knicks and Spurs with the dominance of their starting lineup. Tyler Herro, who missed four games before the All-Star break, immediately found his sixth man form in the last two games, where he shot 20-for-37 with a plus-46 rating. He is the first bench player to score 35 or more 20-point games in a season since Lou Williams in 2017-18.

The Heat’s 11-18 record is the second-best record in the league in games trailing by more than 10 points. The Heat have a difficult schedule this week, with seven of their next eight games against . The Heat are 8-8 against the top eight in the Eastern Conference this season.

  1. Boston Celtics Last ranking: 4

Record: 36 wins, 27 losses

Before yesterday’s loss to the Pacers, the Green Army coach Uduka said: “Our team has no weaknesses on the defensive end”, and then the Celtics were scored 128 points by the Pacers, allowing the Pacers to play One of the most efficient offensive games of the season. But Uduka is not wrong. In seven of the past nine games, the Celtics have controlled their opponent’s 3-point shooting below 33%. The other two games are their losses to the Pistons and Pacers. They were missing Smart, Lowe and Horford in those two games. When the Celtics line up, they’ve won 10 straight and scored 121.7 points per 100 possessions.

Both Tatum and Jaylen Brown have maintained an average performance of around 25+5 in the recent past. The Greens have five home games in the next six games.

  1. Denver Nuggets Last ranking: 5

Record: 36 wins and 25 losses

The Nuggets are now on a six-game winning streak, their longest winning streak this season, and Jokic’s performance is as good as ever. Last week, DeMarcus Cousins ​​was a pleasant surprise. He scored 28 points, 16 rebounds and 7 assists in 32 minutes in the last two games, with a plus-minus of +37.

The Nuggets have been solid against lower-ranked teams, and they’re close to 80 percent against the league’s 14 teams that are below .500. Their opponents in the next three games are still teams with a winning percentage of less than 50%, and they are expected to continue to extend their winning streak.

  1. Philadelphia 76ers Last ranking: 7
  2. Dallas Mavericks Last ranking: 8
  3. Utah Jazz Last ranking: 11
  4. Golden State Warriors Last ranking: 6
  5. Chicago Bulls Last ranking: 9

11-20: Cavaliers, Bucks, Timberwolves, Clippers, Nets, Hawks, Raptors, Hornets, Spurs, Pelicans

21-30: Lakers, Wizards, Trail Blazers, Knicks, Kings, Thunder, Pacers, Magic, Pistons, Rockets

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Lakers waive Jordan, sign DJ Augustin and other two generals

On March 1, according to reporter shams, the Lakers finally made a move in the buyout market after getting nothing at the trade deadline. They cut center Michael Jordan and signed veteran guard DJ Augustin and two-way forward Wayne Gabriel.

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The Lakers are currently ninth in the Western Conference with 27 wins and 33 losses after a disastrous loss to the Pelicans. Signing two new signings will help strengthen their backcourt and striker. Augustin, 34, has averaged 5.4 points and 2.2 assists in 34 games for the Rockets this season. The 24-year-old Gabriel is a forward from Sudan. He played 7 games for the Clippers and Nets this season, averaging 2 points and 2.1 rebounds per game.

Because the shot is made before March 1, it means that these two players will be eligible to play in the playoffs for the Lakers.

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Russell scores 25, Towns hits game-winning shot, Timberwolves beat Cavaliers

In March, the NBA regular season continued. The Minnesota Timberwolves challenged the Cleveland Cavaliers away. The Timberwolves led by 23 points at most. The Cavaliers counterattacked madly. Karl-Anthony Towns made a winning three-pointer with 12.4 seconds left, and the Timberwolves won 127-122. Knight, avoid losing streak.

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For the Timberwolves, Russell had 25 points and 4 rebounds, Towns had 17 points and 4 rebounds, Edwards had 17 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists, and Beverley had 11 points and 6 assists;

For the Cavaliers, Love had 26 points, Allen had 21 points and 8 rebounds, Goodwin had 17 points and 12 assists, and Mobley had 15 points and 10 rebounds.

Although he lacked a number of back line players, Goodwin, who replaced the starter, had a good start to sort out the team’s offense. After he sent three assists in the opening game, he scored a 2+1 throw in the counterattack. Bo’s solid offense helped them get a 14-3 start. The Timberwolves got off to a very slow start. Except for Towns who scored 4 points in a row, no other players came forward to contribute in the first 5 minutes. Russell then hit a three-pointer to help the Timberwolves break through, but it was Goodwin’s three-pointer to respond. In this quarter, the Cavaliers kept pressing their opponents. Even if the Timberwolves recovered at the end of the quarter, it would not change the situation. At the end, 7 consecutive rounds were converted into points, and the Cavaliers held an 11-point lead and entered the second quarter with the advantage established in the first half.

The Cavaliers were a little relaxed at the beginning of the second quarter, and the Timberwolves, who were behind by a large score, quickly organized a counterattack. Beasley and McDaniels hit three-pointers one after another, and the Timberwolves started a 12-5 offensive to catch up with the score. The Cavaliers’ offensive performance was not bad at the beginning. Except for Mobley’s score in the paint area, Osman’s two three-pointers held the team’s lead. However, the Timberwolves quickly launched a second wave of attacks in this quarter. Prince scored 4 points in a row with penalties, Reed and Edwards blossomed inside and out, and the Timberwolves blasted a 17-3 attack wave to completely reverse the situation. Osman’s three-pointer at the end and Mobley’s free throw stopped the bleeding for the Cavaliers, but the Timberwolves still led the Cavaliers 64-61 to end the second quarter.

After the rest, the Cavaliers did not show any signs of rebound, and the defense was completely defeated by the Timberwolves. The latter felt hot at the start. Among them, Beverley was hot and one person contributed three three-pointers. Coupled with Edwards’ consecutive wonderful dunks, the Timberwolves completely took off and fired 24 in less than 6 minutes. -7 offense and built a 20-point lead. Back from the suspension, the Cavaliers relied on the offensive end to recover to resist the waves of opponents’ attacks. It was not until the end of the quarter that the Timberwolves’ state dropped slightly, and the Cavaliers found an opportunity. Love faced the old master and became the Cavaliers. Three-pointers and five free throws scored 11 points, plus Osman continued to fire three-pointers at the end, and the Cavaliers responded with an 18-8 offensive to chase the point difference to 13 points to retain hope.

The Cavaliers made persistent efforts in the final battle. Moblely made a sudden outside shot and contributed 5 points to sound the offensive horn, and then Love made another three-pointer from the outside. The Cavaliers blasted a wave of 13-4 offensive to reduce the point difference to 4 points. hope. Prince’s key three-pointer helped the Timberwolves stop the bleeding and get a chance to breathe, but the Cavaliers are still fighting back tenaciously. Osman and Allen continue to rush to the basket to eat away the difference and retain hope. At the end of the final battle, the gap between the two sides was not very suspenseful until the last moment. Osman once helped the Cavaliers level the score with a key three-pointer, but Towns finally responded with a fatal three-pointer to help the Timberwolves win the game. In the end, the Timberwolves narrowly beat the Cavaliers to win the game.

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Herro 20 points, strong dialogue, Heat beat the Bulls in the second half

In March, the NBA regular season continued. The Miami Heat played against the Chicago Bulls at home. In the contest between the top two in the East, the Heat opened a 36-21 deficit in the third quarter to seal the victory. The Bulls made only 7 three-pointers. The Heat beat the Bulls 112-99 to win four straight.

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For the Heat, Herro had 20 points, 6 rebounds and 5 assists, Vincent had 20 points, Adebayo had 15 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists, and Butler had 15 points and 7 rebounds;

For the Bulls, LaVine had 22 points, DeRozan had 18 points and 7 rebounds, and Dosham had 18 points and 6 assists.

After the opening, although the Bulls first made contributions from the inside, the Heat blossomed inside and out under the leadership of Butler and Adebayo to take the lead 11-6. Vucevic scored with a hook, and the Heat’s offensive was still fierce and continued to expand the point difference to double digits. The Bulls felt sluggish in the sports battle and scored consecutive free throws. Tucker made consecutive cuts and scored the ball. The Heat led 28-14 by 14 points. Dosham stopped the bleeding with a three-pointer, Herro made two free throws, DeRozan hit a jumper, Jones made an empty cut, and after the first quarter, the Heat led 30-21.

In the second quarter, the Heat took the lead in scoring 6 points in a row, Dorsum threw to stop the bleeding, Vincent felt hot and made consecutive long shots to help the Heat open the score again 47-28. The Bulls continuously attacked the inside line and set off a wave of 8-0 counterattacks to stop the bleeding. Adebayor made a breakthrough and picked up the basket. DeRozan turned back and scored 2+1. Then the two teams’ hit rate dropped in the fierce confrontation. LaVine made two consecutive shots. The second jumper hit, Martin hit a three-pointer from the bottom corner, and at the end of the half, the Heat led 55-46.

In the second half, Dorsum took the lead in a layup, but Herro and Vincent took turns to score points to help the Heat continue to expand their advantage 65-48. After the Bulls missed consecutive attacks, Dosham finally broke the deadlock with a three-pointer. Butler scored strongly at the basket, Adebayor cut in with both hands and dunks. Debayor, Butler and Herro took turns to score points and easily widened the difference to 20 points. After three quarters, the Heat led 91-67.

In the last quarter, LaVine made two three-pointers in a row, Struth also responded with consecutive scores, DeRozan made a mid-range shot, White made another three-pointer, and the Bulls were still 18 points behind 78-96. Struth made a three-pointer without missing a shot. Although the Bulls worked hard to chase the points and narrowed some of the points difference, but the previous point difference was too large, the Bulls were unable to recover, and finally the Heat won the Bulls 112-99.