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Murray quasi-triple-double Bobo milestone Spurs beat Lakers at home

On March 8, the NBA regular season continued, and the Spurs defeated the Lakers 117-110 at home. After winning this campaign, Spurs coach Popovich’s career regular season coaching wins reached 1,335 games, tied with Don Nelson for the first place in NBA history.

The Spurs ended their four-game losing streak. Murray 26 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists, Poeltl 18 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists, Richardson 18 points and 5 rebounds, and Keldon Johnson 13 points and 6 rebounds.

The Lakers missed the winning streak, Tucker 18 points and 4 rebounds, Westbrook 17 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists, Anthony 17 points and 7 rebounds, Monk 17 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists.

In the first quarter, McDermott broke through to score first, Westbrook hit one of two free throws, Richardson and Murray scored 4 points in a row, and the Spurs started 6-1 ahead. The Lakers blasted a 6-0 go-ahead score, Murray made a breakthrough, McDermott made a layup, Howard made a dunk, then Collins made one of two free throws, Tucker responded with two free throws, and McDermott sent it Three points, the Spurs lead 16-11. The Lakers scored 7-2 to tie the difference, Langdale made a layup, Langford scored 4 points in a row, Primo scored a three-pointer, and the Spurs made a 9-0 spurt in the final stage. After the first quarter, the Lakers trailed 22-31.

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In the second quarter, Tucker took the lead in making a layup, and the Spurs scored 4 points in a row to open the 11-point gap. Augustin scored 2+1 and scored another three-pointer, Langdale made a layup, Monk made a dunk, Johnson made a strong kill at the basket, Murray scored 2+1, and the Spurs led 48-34. Howard made a tip-up, Poeltl made one of two free throws, Westbrook made two free throws, Monk counterattacked and the Lakers chased to 44-51. Primo hit a shot, Johnson made a three-pointer, and the Lakers were only 6 points behind. Then Poeltl made a layup, Monk made a three-pointer, Murray responded with a long shot, Reeves made a layup, and the Spurs led 62-56 into the second half.

In the third quarter, Westbrook took the lead in making two free throws and one, Johnson made a three-pointer, Reeves responded with a long shot and made a layup, McDermott made a three-pointer to stop the bleeding, Reeves made a layup, and the Lakers chased 68-71 . Monk made a layup to approach a 1-point gap, Richardson made a throw, Howard scored 2+1, and the two sides were tied at 73. Murray made a breakthrough, Westbrook responded with a 2+1 Lakers lead, Randle made a dunk, Richardson made a three-pointer, Tucker made a layup, McDermott made one of three free throws, the Lakers 78 -81 behind. Richardson made a three-pointer, Tucker made a breakthrough, Johnson made two free throws, Bradley made a three-pointer, Jones made one of two free throws, Poeltl made a layup, and the Spurs led 95-88. At the last moment, Anthony scored 4 points in a row with a penalty, and the Lakers fell behind 92-95 into the final quarter.

Bradley tied the score with a three-pointer in the distal quarter, the Spurs scored 6 points in a row to widen the gap, Tucker broke through to stop the bleeding, Poeltl made a layup, and then Richard made a three-pointer to give the Spurs a 108-99 lead. Tucker made two free throws and one hit to stop the bleeding, Johnson made a throw, Tucker made another three-pointer, and the Lakers chased the 3-point gap. Murray made a mid-range shot to stop the bleeding, Westbrook made one of two free throws, and Poeltl made two free throws, giving the Spurs a 112-106 lead. Poeltl made a tip-up, Westbrook and Monk scored 4 points in a row, and the Lakers chased to 110-114. Poeltl hit one of two free throws, and the Lakers stopped by 5 points behind. Then Poeltl hated Monk, and the Lakers sent the Spurs 2 penalties for foul tactics. The suspense of the game ended completely, and the Spurs stopped the decline at home.

Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle announces retirement

Indianapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle announced his retirement on Monday.

“Anyone who grew up in Indianapolis in the 1990s or 2000s will be a diehard Indianapolis Colts fan,” Jack Doyle wrote. “Having the opportunity to play for this team for nine years is a dream come true. Really, I’ll keep it in my heart forever.”

“Now I’m going back to being a fan and retiring from football. … I’m proud of myself playing the right way and doing my best … But now, my body tells me I can’t go on.”

Indianapolis Colts coach Frank Reich said: “We have a lot of confidence in Jack Doyle, who can execute at the highest level on offense and special services. He is one of our most dependable players, and his value is irreplaceable.”

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Jack Doyle has 295 catches for 2,729 yards, 24 touchdowns, and 2 Pro Bowl selections. The 2017 season was the best of his career: 80 catches for 690 yards.


League announces $208.2 million salary cap for 2022 season

On Monday, the NFL officially notified clubs that the salary cap for the 2022 season was set at $208.2 million.

In addition, the league also announced the 202 season team franchise tag contract salary. The franchise tag will allow teams to negotiate long-term contracts with players until 7.15. Here are the contract salaries for each position tag:

Quarterback: $29.703 million

Running back: $9.57 million

Wide receiver: $18.419 million

Tight end: $10.931 million

Offensive line members: $16.662 million

Defensive end: $17.859 million

Defensive tackle: $17.396 million

Linebacker: $18.702 million

Cornerback: $17.287 million

Safety guard: $12.911 million

Kicker, punter: $5.22 million

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Privilege tags must be used by 4 p.m. ET on Tuesday. Starting at 3.16pm ET at 4pm ET, each team’s total salary cap must also be at or below cap space.

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Embiid 43+14 Harden 16+14 Philadelphia wins Bulls

On March 8, the NBA regular season, the 76ers beat the Bulls at home, sending their opponents a five-game losing streak. Embiid scored 43 points, 14 rebounds and 3 blocks, Maxey 17 points, Harden 16 points, 8 rebounds and 14 assists. For the Bulls, LaVine had 26 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, DeRozan had 23 points, 11 rebounds and 8 assists, and White had 19 points.

After the start of the first quarter, DeRozan took the lead with a jumper. Embiid made a steady three-pointer in the open space. Harden continued to score with penalties. LaVine and DeRozan responded in a timely manner. Greengo Thompson continued to fire, and the Bulls gradually took the lead. Excellent, Harris and Sable ate cakes in a row in the middle, Green immediately responded with a three-pointer, DeRozan made a layup by himself, Embiid scored 2+1 in a row to stabilize the situation, and the two sides were hot on the outside at the end Biao, Niang felt hot and scored three points in a row. Harden and Danny Green continued to fire, and the 76ers made a 12-3 attack wave to achieve a go-ahead. At the end of the first quarter, the 76ers temporarily led 37-32.

Back in the second quarter, Jones made up the dunk with both hands, Harris teamed up with Harden to continuously score points, White and Jones responded one after another, LaVine followed up in time to blast the basket with one arm, Embiid went straight to the inside and placed the basket easily, both sides you The stalemate continued, the offensive efficiency of the two sides declined in the middle, Dawsum continued to score points with consecutive shots, Embiid responded with a killing free throw, LaVine and DeRozan scored in succession at the end, and Embiid made a steady pull-up jumper. A steady hit, after halftime, the 76ers continued to dominate 59-53.

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Embiid and Maxi scored consecutive points after the change of sides, LaVine responded with a jumper, Thybur Biao made a three-pointer, Thompson made a strong layup and scored, but then the Bulls’ offense suddenly stopped, Thybur ate a pie. Deduction, Embiid ravaged the inside line for whatever he wanted, the 76ers pulled the score 10-0 in a wave, DeRozan made a killing free throw to stop the bleeding, White teamed up with Jones to keep chasing points, Embiid scored inside points and responded in a timely manner, and White made a sudden outside shot at the end After scoring 5 points in a row, Embiid continued to kill and score continuously. After the end of the three quarters, the 76ers maintained an 88-77 advantage.

At the end of the quarter, Harden scored two points from the first shot, DeRozan responded in time with a penalty shot, Jones also made a layup, Niang made a three-pointer to stabilize the situation, Joe played against Biao Lavin from the outside, and the 76ers continued to maintain two points. Numerical advantage, the Bulls’ offense stagnated again in the middle, Embiid continued to score points with dunk shots, Maxey ignored the defense and scored 2+1, Whiteley made a sudden outside shot to stop the bleeding in time, LaVine teamed up with Thompson to continue chasing points, Thompson’s inside line at the end They scored one after another, but Sable and Maxi responded in a timely manner. The 76ers had a firm advantage, and the Bulls failed to chase points. In the end, the 76ers defeated their opponents.

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Strength list: the sun tops the heat, the green army rises to the second and third

On March 8, the NBA officially announced the latest strength list. The Phoenix Suns continued to top the list, the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics each improved by one place to two and three, and the Memphis Grizzlies fell to fourth. bit. Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers are 10th and 20th, respectively

  1. Phoenix Suns

Last week’s rank: 1

Cadence: 99.9 (9) Offensive Rating: 113.8 (3) Defensive Rating: 106.1 (3) Net Rating: +7.7 (1)

After the All-Star Game, Huang Zhong-Cameron Johnson made 24 of 41 (59%) three-pointers from beyond the arc and completed the three-point lore against the Knicks. This season’s three-point shooting rate, Johnson 44.8% ranked third; only 34.9% last season. That’s the biggest jump in percentage among 151 players with at least 150 3-point attempts over the past two seasons. A total of 159 three-point attempts, Johnson had 147 catches and shots. With Paul and Booker out, Johnson added some ball-handling opportunities.

Yesterday against the defending champion Bucks, the Suns, who were left to attack, led their opponents for most of the time. The Bucks scored 30 points in the last 15 rounds, and they struggled to beat the Suns later. The Suns will play back-to-back games in Florida next, and Booker is still in doubt. The Suns faced the Heat for the first time on Jan. 9, the second-biggest point difference in a loss this season.

  1. Miami Heat

Last week’s rank: 3

Cadence: 96.4 (29) Offensive Rating: 112.3 (9) Defensive Rating: 107.4 (5) Net Rating: +4.9 (5)

The Heat achieved a 3-1 record last week, further consolidating their No. 1 position in the Eastern Conference. The defensive rating in four games was 105.4 points per 100 possessions, ranking among the league’s top five for the first time since November. The Heat have ranked in the top 10 in defensive efficiency 18 times over the past 25 seasons, though the last time they ranked in the top five was in 2011-12.

In fact, the Heat had a chance to win last week. Against the Bucks, the Heat led by 14 points with half a quarter remaining, but scored only 6 points in the final 15 possessions and made 5 turnovers. The data shows that when the score difference in the last 5 minutes is within 5 points (Clutch), the Heat only ranks 26th in the league in offensive efficiency, 27th in the league in hit rate, and 28th in the league in turnover rate.

Starting with the 76ers, the Heat will start a sweet schedule, with 11 home games in 12 games. All-Star guard Victor Oladipo will also return.

  1. Boston Celtics

Last week’s rank: 4

Pace: 97.3 (24) Offensive Rating: 111.2 (16) Defensive Rating: 105.6 (2) Net Rating: +5.6 (4)

Over the past few weeks, the Celtics’ suffocating defense has allowed opponents to score less than 100 points per 100 possessions. Since the All-Star Game, the Greens have ranked fourth in offensive efficiency. In the past 3 halves, the Greens scored 199 points in 145 possessions, of which Tatum scored 81 points in 72 minutes. Against the Nets, his performance was dominant, omnipotent on the court, and single-handedly helped the team close the game. This is the sixth 50+ game of Tatum’s career, all from the last 11 months, and the last 4 games of 50+ were won against the Wizards or the Nets.

The Celtics have won 12 straight games with their starting lineup intact. At present, the Green Army is still ranked 5th in the East, 2 wins away from the Bucks and Bulls.

  1. Memphis Grizzlies

Last week’s rank: 2

Pace: 100.1 (8) Offensive Rating: 113.2 (6) Defensive Rating: 108.8 (8) Net Rating: +4.3 (6)

Morant scored 52 points in the Grizzlies’ first game against the Spurs this week, including two possessions that were enough to be selected for the best shot of the season. In that game, Morant scored 34 points in the restricted area, the most of any player in a single game this season. In the past 26 seasons, only four players have scored more in the paint than Morant, O’Neal (38), Raheem (38), Cousins ​​(36), and Randle (36).

However, in the last game last week, the Grizzlies unexpectedly lost to the Rockets, ending their 12-game losing streak. The Rockets scored 71 points in 48 possessions in the second half; Morant made only 3 of 10 shots in the restricted area, and there was no way to face the inside group led by Christian Wood.

The Grizzlies are still ranked second in the West, and the next schedule will be easier than the Warriors. But the Grizzlies’ defensive end is not very reassuring, and the opponent’s offensive efficiency has been higher than 118 points in four games in the past three weeks. In the face of a team with an unsatisfactory record, the Grizzlies couldn’t find the caliber.

  1. Denver Nuggets

Last week’s rank: 5

Cadence: 98.2 (19) Offensive Rating: 112.4 (8) Defensive Rating: 109.5 (11) Net Rating: +2.9 (10)

Maybe Nikola Jokic is already at a disadvantage in the MVP race. After scoring a season-low 8 points against the Blazers, Mr. Yue handed over a season-worst plus-minus of -27 in the next game against the Thunder. Malone quickly put him on a truce, and Cousins ​​led his team to shoot down the Rockets and scored 31 points in less than 24 minutes.

After returning from a break, Jokic regained his form. When he was replaced with 3:50 left in the third quarter, he had 16 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, 3 blocks and 2 steals; he came back with 10 minutes and 23 seconds left in the fourth quarter, and the final 15 minutes (overtime) ) made 10 of 11 shots, 9 of 9 from the free throw line, and scored 30 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists. The Nuggets lost for the first time since sending the Pelicans to the All-Star Game, one game away from the top five.

The Lone Ranger has the upper hand in the battle record, and the Nuggets have only a 4-10 record against the top six in the Western Conference. In the next schedule, the Nuggets still have four games against the top six in the West, including two this week. The Nuggets will play against the Warriors today, and the Warriors have rested almost all of their main players. Just after a hard overtime fight, the Nuggets may also rotate.

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Tatum & Towns win East and West Player of the Week

On March 8, the NBA officially announced last week’s East and West Player of the Year, Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum and Minnesota Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns were elected.

Tatum led the Celtics to a 3-0 record last week, averaging 41.3 points, 6.3 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game. The best performance last week came from the game against the Brooklyn Nets. In this campaign, he scored 54 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists, helping the Celtics beat their opponents 126-120 at home. The Celtics are currently fifth in the Eastern Conference with a 39-27 record.

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Towns helped the Timberwolves to a four-game winning streak, during which he averaged 28.0 points, 9.0 rebounds and 3.0 assists per game. Towns’ best performance last week came against the Blazers, scoring 36 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists, helping the team beat the opponent with 14 points. The Timberwolves are currently seventh in the Western Conference with a 36-29 record.

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Solar Week Observation: Dual-core absence, all will be united

The Suns currently lead the league with 51 wins and 13 losses, and their record is 3 wins and 3 losses since the All-Star break.

Feb. 25 Suns 124-104 Thunder

Feb. 26 Pelicans 117-102 Suns

Feb 28 Jazz 118-114 Suns

March 3 Blazers 90-120 Suns

March 5 Knicks 114-115 Suns

March 7 Suns 122-132 Bucks

First losing streak since December

After the All-Star Game, the Suns beat the Thunder away from home, and after returning to home, they lost first to the Pelicans and then to the Jazz. They suffered their first losing streak since December last year.

The impact of Paul’s injury on the Suns is obvious. When backup point guard Cameron Payne failed to return in time after the All-Star Game, Monty’s response strategy was to let Cameron Johnson start scoring. Guard, Booker as point guard. After three games, this lineup is still sharp on offense, scoring as much as 134 points per 100 possessions, but on defense, they also lost more than 130 points per 100 possessions.

Before the Suns’ home game against the Blazers on March 3, Booker triggered a health and safety protocol and would miss several games. Fortunately, Payne finally returned at this time. Although he was the starting point guard, he only scored 2 of 8 from the field. 5 points, but sent 8 assists, completed the task of connecting the team well, and also helped the Suns beat the Blazers by 30 points, ending the two-game losing streak.

The core is absent, Johnson comes forward

In the game against the Blazers, Johnson returned to the bench. He played 24 minutes and made 6 of 8 shots and 4 of 5 three-pointers. He scored a game-high 20 points efficiently. The situation has become the most stable point of fire for the team.

If the game against the Blazers has not fully reflected Johnson’s value, then against the Knicks, Johnson came off the bench in 28 minutes, scored 9 of 12 three-pointers and scored a career-high 38 points in a single game. The 9 three-pointers shot down also created a career record, and among the 9 three-pointers, there was also a buzzer-beater lore. After this game, Johnson became the second player in history to hit a 9+ three-pointer and beat an opponent at the buzzer, the first being Damian Lillard.

When the Suns drafted Johnson with the No. 11 pick in the first round in 2019, doubts abounded, and it was widely believed that Johnson, born in 1996, was too old to improve. In his first season in the league, Johnson averaged 4.9 3-pointers and shot 39 percent, making him a fairly mature shooter. This season, he is averaging 5.9 3-pointers per game and has the third-highest 44.8 percent shooting percentage in the league, making him one of the best 3-point shooters in the league.

Ayton’s ups and downs

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In the absence of the two major cores on the outside, the Suns’ inside core DeAndre Ayton should have become the team’s most reliable player. He who is eager to stay in the team with a maximum salary should also seize the opportunity to prove himself, but in the near future In the three games, Ayton showed obvious ups and downs.

In the game against the Blazers, the Suns established the lead early. Ayton scored 18 points and 8 rebounds on 9 of 12 shots, and his performance was quite satisfactory. When it came time to face the Knicks, who had Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson, two powerful insiders, Ayton played 34 minutes and scored only 8 points on 4 of 10 shots. He did not go to the free throw line once in the game, and his rebounds were only 10%. Picked up 3, and they were all backcourt rebounds. In that game, Ayton was completely lost in the muscle jungle of the Knicks, with a plus-minus of -2, the second-lowest among starters.

Ayton finally seized the opportunity to prove himself when Cameron Johnson was sidelined due to a contusion of his right quadriceps. In this game, Ayton scored 30 points and 8 rebounds with high efficiency on 14 of 19 shots. He also played well on the defensive end, but this performance failed to make the Suns retreat from the Bucks home.

In the final analysis, the Suns are an outside-dominated team. Paul and Booker are the core of the team. Several strikers, led by Johnson and Bridges, play a pivotal role. Big players with basket ability can stand in the sun’s system. Regarding this, McGee and Biyombo, who have joined the Suns this season, are the best proofs. Both of them have played their best seasons in the Suns. Performance. During the regular season, when the team was well-organized, the Suns mainly attacked from the outside. Ayton only needed to do his job well, and playing well was the icing on the cake; even if the outside core was absent, Ayton played well. It is also difficult to lead the team to victory. The stage that really belongs to Ayton is still in the playoffs. When he faces Jokic, Davis, Jackson Jr., or even after the sun rushes out of the west to meet the Great Emperor or Antetokounmpo, Ayton can fully demonstrate his value.

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Barrett 24 points, Quickley 21 points, Knicks beat Clippers

On March 7, in the NBA regular season, the Knicks defeated the Clippers 116-93, ending their seven-game losing streak. The Clippers’ five-game winning streak ended. Barrett had 24 points and 9 rebounds, Quickley had 21 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists, and Reddish had 17 points. The Clippers started with only 36 points, Coffey had 16 points, and Hartenstein had 14 points.

The overall state of the two teams was not very good at the beginning of the first quarter. Berks and Mann kicked off the game with three points. Burks once again hit a three-pointer to establish the team’s lead, but the Knicks paid too much attention to the outside, resulting in intermittent state, and although the Clippers performed badly, Mann scored 4 points in a row and the Clippers kept biting the score. At the end, Quickley and Burks made another long shot to try to open the score, but the Clippers also fought back at the last moment. Reggie and Coffey both succeeded in long shots and narrowed the disadvantage to 3 points to end the first quarter.

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At the start of the second quarter, the Knicks changed their strategy in the first quarter. This quarter began to continuously attack the Clippers and quickly grabbed the start. Among them, Barrett alone took the brunt of 8 points in a row. The Knicks started a 16-0 offensive and overwhelmed the Clippers in one fell swoop. defense and build a 19-point lead. The Clippers were unable to find their form for a long time. They broke the scoring drought with Kennard’s three-pointer nearly 6 minutes after the game. The Knicks were very alert and quickly called a timeout, but the Clippers were still able to continue their firepower. Batum and Kennard hit three-pointers again to lead the team to continue chasing points. Although the Knicks were not as good as the first half, they were able to respond when their opponents chased the most points. Burks hit a three-pointer again, and Randle and Barrett both hit the basket to consolidate their advantage. At the end, Burks and Barrett both scored three-pointers, and the Knicks led the Clippers 59-40 by 19 points into the second half.

Returning from a break, although the Clippers relied on Zubac and Reggie to continuously hit the basket to score points, the Knicks were still on the offensive. Robinson staged two dunks, plus Fournier’s three-point goal, the Knicks dominated Gain the upper hand and widen the difference to more than 20 points. The Clippers couldn’t help defending, and the offense was not as good as their opponents. Mann scored 4 points in a row with a penalty, which seemed like a drop in the bucket, and Randle turned around and dunked in return. Fortunately, in the second half of the quarter, the Knicks’ own state of decline gave the opportunity, and the Clippers also recovered in time. Covington, who played off the bench, teamed up with Coffey to score three three-pointers. The Clippers relied on a wave of 14-2 offensive. Narrowed down to 12 points to keep hope going into the fourth quarter.

At the beginning of the last quarter, the Clippers finally caught up with the score and collapsed because of their own misfires, and Reddish became a surprise soldier on the Knicks side. He scored 8 points alone at the beginning, and the Knicks blasted a 10-0 offensive to restart. Establish a 20-point lead. The Clippers still couldn’t solve the offense and defense problem when they came back from the suspension, and the Knicks broke out completely. Reddish and McBride teamed up to score three three-pointers, and the point difference was directly widened to more than 30 points. The team also played the rest of the time as a substitute. In the end, the Knicks ended their 7-game losing streak away from the Clippers and also ended the Clippers’ 5-game winning streak.

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Jokic blasted 46+12+11, the Nuggets beat the Pelicans in overtime

On March 7, the NBA regular season resumed. The two sides tied at 124 in regular time and entered an overtime decisive battle. Jokic scored 7 points in overtime to help the Nuggets beat the Pelicans to a two-game winning streak. In this campaign, Jokic blasted 46 points, 12 rebounds and 11 assists, Gordon 28 points and 8 rebounds, Morris 18 points and 8 assists; the Pelicans’ four-game winning streak ended, Ingram scored 38 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists, Mike Collum 24 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists, Varan 19 points, 14 rebounds and six fouls and left the game.

At the beginning of the game, Jokic made a three-pointer and Barton made a three-pointer. Hayes shot and alleyed for a dunk. Gordon made a shot. McCollum scored 5 points in a row with a three-pointer and a projectile. . Hayes capped Button, Morris made a layup and dunked by Jeff Green. Gordon made a foul and McCollum made two technical fouls and made two free throws. Morris took a 21-9 lead in the shot. Valanciunas hit a mid-range shot, and the Nuggets played a wave of 11-0 offensive with a 34-13 lead and a 21-point advantage. McCollum made one of two free throws and assisted Snell with a three-pointer. Graham continued to chase points for a layup. Hyland made one of two free throws. The Nuggets led the Pelicans 35-19 in the first quarter.

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At the beginning of the second quarter, the Pelicans chased the points with a wave of 7-2 offensive. Hyland made a three-pointer and Jia McCoy Green dunked. McCollum made a mid-range shot. Cousins ​​took a T and sent McCollum to continue to make a free throw. Jia McCoy Green made two more dunks, Hyland made a three-pointer to gain an 18-point advantage, and the Pelicans made a 17-5 offensive with three consecutive three-pointers to catch up with only 6 points. Morris hit a mid-range shot, the Pelicans continued a 6-1 offensive to catch up to just 3 points, Jokic made a three-pointer and Jeff Green made two free throws, and Ingram made a wonderful three-pointer at the buzzer in the backcourt, digging Gold lost 11 points 27-38 in a single quarter, and the Nuggets led the Pelicans 62-57 in the first half. In the first two quarters, the Nuggets only scored in double figures, Jokic scored 14+6+5+3 caps, the Pelicans scored in double figures, McCollum 15 points and Ingram 14 points.

In the first 2 and a half minutes of the third quarter, the Pelicans scored no points, the Nuggets scored 4 points in a row, Ingram made a mid-range shot, and Morris 2+1 expanded his 10-point advantage. The Pelicans took a 13-2 offensive to overtake by 1 point, Gordon missed a dunk and a penalty, Valanciunas scored 2 more points, Jeff Green hit inside and Gordon dunked. Ingram and Gordon both made two free throws, Ingram and Cousins ​​both made two free throws and one, the Pelicans fired three consecutive 17-4 offensive, Nuggets coach Malone was dissatisfied with the penalty and rushed over to roar continuously. , received two technical fouls in a row and was ejected. Gordon also received a technical foul. The Nuggets lost 22-37 in a single quarter by 15 points. At the end of the three quarters, the Nuggets were overtaken by the Pelicans 84-94. In the first three quarters, Ingram led the Pelicans to score in double figures with 31+5+9, and Jokic led the Nuggets to score in double figures with 16+8+8 and Gordon with 21 points.

At the start of the fourth quarter, the Nuggets chased 5 points in a row. The Pelicans made consecutive fouls. Forbes also received a technical foul. The Pelicans made 3 of 5 free throws in total, and Hernangomez maintained a 10-point advantage in inside hits. The Nuggets caught up to a 5-point gap again, and the Pelicans fired inside and out to expand their 9-point advantage. Jokic and Valanciunas each completed a mid-range shot, and Jokic and Gordon each scored 2 points. The Pelicans scored 4 more points, Jokic hit the inside line, Gordon missed two free throws, and easily beat the buzzer with a three-pointer to expand the 10-point advantage. Gordon made a dunk, McCollum stopped the Nuggets with a three-pointer, Jokic made 2+1, made two free throws and made a one-stop steal and hit the board, and one person scored 7 points in a row to catch up to only 4 points. Valanciunas hit a ball inside, Jokic made two free throws, Ingram hit two points on the board, and Jokic continued to respond with 2 points. Jokic’s volleyball cap Hernangomez also caused the opponent to make two free throws for fouls. McCollum missed the iron. Jokic still had 18 seconds left in the key offensive foul, and the Nuggets failed to challenge. Graham made two free throws for a foul, Jokic scored 2 points quickly after hitting the inside line, Ingram missed the first free throw after being fouled, and the second penalty entered the line ahead of schedule and hit a heavy free throw, Jokic made two free throws for the foul. After catching up to a 124-124 tie, the Pelicans’ serve was intercepted by Jokic in the middle circle, and the long pass Jeff Green missed the lore. The two teams tied at 124-124. In the first four saves, Kic led the Nuggets to score in double figures with 39+11+10+4+4, and Ingram led the Pelicans to score in double figures with 36+5+9.

Going into overtime, Jokic took the lead in making a comeback, McCollum and Ingram each scored 2 points, Jones made a steal and counterattack, and the Pelicans overtook 4 points to stop the Nuggets. Jokic made a three-pointer from Morris, McCollum missed a three-pointer, Gordon dunked, Ingram made an offensive foul, and Jokic made a three-pointer to expand his 4-point advantage. Ingram made a low-level stepping error, McCollum missed a steal and shot, Jokic made another key mid-range shot to expand his 6-point advantage, the Pelicans fouled the Nuggets to continue to kill the game with free throws, and finally the Nuggets overtime Beat the Pelicans.

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Porter Jr. 29 points, Wood 28+13, Rockets beat Grizzlies to end 12-game losing streak

On March 7, the NBA regular season resumed. The Rockets beat the Grizzlies 123-112 at home, ending a long 12-game losing streak. In this campaign, Porter Jr. scored a game-high 29 points, Wood 28 points and 13 rebounds, Jaylen Green 24 points and 8 rebounds; for the Grizzlies, Bane scored 28 points, Morant 22 points and 6 assists, Adams 23 Scored a season high with 12 rebounds.

In the first quarter, Adams broke through and dunked, and then Morant made a jumper. Porter made two free throws to start the game for the Rockets. Jackson made a strong hit inside. He also entered, and Wood hit the answer ball on the outside. The two teams started the tug-of-war and fell into a tug-of-war. Williams completed the air cut to eat the cake. The soaring stopped the bleeding, and then Adams scored another four points in a row at the basket, and the Rockets stopped. Adjusting back, Wood caused a three-point foul but only made one free throw, and then completed a counterattack dunk. Morant responded to layups in a row. After that, Wood and Morant made two free throws in succession. Melton and Powell made two free throws. Special made a layup. At the end of the quarter, the Grizzlies scored consecutive points inside, Jones scored consecutive mid-range shots, and on the Rockets side, Wood and Porter each scored a three-pointer to clench the score. At the end of the first quarter, the Grizzlies scored. 34-27 lead.

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Back in the second quarter, Gordon made a comeback, Jackson also made a layup in response. The two teams continued to make a fuss on the inside. Gordon made a mid-range shot. After hitting the inside line, the difference returned to 3 points, but Konchar and Anderson immediately scored consecutive points to stabilize the situation, and the Rockets fell into a scoring drought. After Jones hit a three-pointer, a wave of 9-0 points difference came to two Number of digits, the Rockets stopped. Adjusted back, Matthews stood on the free throw line and hit two of three free throws. Bane and Jones hit the penalty area again to score consecutive points. After that, the two teams fell into chaos. . Back on the court, Adams responded by scoring a basket, Green counterattacked in the middle, at the end of the quarter, Wood and Adams each completed alleys, Morant and Green made a difficult layup, and the Grizzlies maintained 62-52 at halftime. lead.

Changing sides to fight again, Green shot and robbed himself to complete a tip-up, Gordon made two free throws, Jackson responded with a strong shot at the basket, and the two teams continued to attack the penalty area. After Porter hit a three-pointer, the difference returned To 5 points, then Green made another self-inflicted shot, and the Grizzlies stopped. Adjusted back, the Grizzlies still missed, Porter threw in to chase the point difference to one point, Bane stepped back and hit a three-pointer to stop the bleeding, Melton also scored 2+1, the two sides fell into a tug of war again, Porter this quarter The offensive state was bursting, and the point difference was narrowed again after the three-pointer and then again. Then Green stood on the free throw line and made four free throws in a row, and the Rockets completed the lead. Adjusted back, Bane made two free throws to stop the bleeding, and then came back with two consecutive three-pointers, Porter immediately hit the answer ball, Matthews also hit the outside line, Clark completed a 0.3-second limit at the end of the quarter, and the third quarter ended. The two sides tied 92-92.

At the end of the quarter, the two sides missed consecutive sports battles. Matthews made a super long shot from the outside to break the deadlock. Bane made consecutive breakthroughs to complete a layup, Gordon also hit the outside line, and then Christopher dunked one after another. The Rockets led by 7 points, and the Grizzlies stopped. After the break, Adams grabbed a rebound and completed a tip-up. Christopher responded with a basket. Both sides made consecutive kills and stood at the free throw line. The Rockets called a timeout. Back, Adams and Clark completed tip-ups one after another, Matthews and Bane each scored at the basket, Tate scored four points in a row, Adams and Wood each hit two free throws, the two sides alternated to take points, and then Green’s bottom corner hit a high difficulty Three points, Porter also made a layup, the difference came to 10 points, the Grizzlies stopped, and the game entered the last three minutes. Coming back Morantra rode up to stop the bleeding, but Porter immediately made a three-point foul but only hit one goal, Morant also stood on the free throw line and made two free throws, Green made a mid-range jumper and basically killed the game, and Wood also made two free throws In the last minute, the game was finalized. In the end, the Rockets reversed and defeated the Grizzlies 123-112, ending the losing streak.