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Nuggets beat Philadelphia, Embiid 34+9 Jokic quasi triple-double

On March 15, the NBA regular season resumed. Niang missed a three-pointer at the critical moment, and the Nuggets reversed a 19-point difference to beat Philadelphia 114-110 away. In this campaign, Jokic 22 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists, Button 20 points, Hyland scored 21 points off the bench; Philadelphia missed the winning streak, Embiid 34 points and 9 rebounds, Harden 24 points, 9 rebounds and 11 assists, Maxi 19 point.

At the beginning of the first quarter, Embiid and Harris attacked together. The two could work together to score the first 10 points of the team inside and outside to open up the situation. The Nuggets could also respond at the beginning. As Embiid’s biggest MVP competitor, Jokie Qi also scored consecutive points to lead the team to open up the situation. However, in the subsequent tug of war, the Nuggets obviously couldn’t keep up with the rhythm. Sable, who scored in the last game, made two dunks and a three-pointer. In addition, Harden also scored a counterattack in the quarter, and the 76ers were in the tug of war. In one fell swoop, he sent a 19-4 offensive to establish a 17-point lead. The Nuggets didn’t get back to their state until the end. Jokic passed the shot and led the team to an 8-0 offensive. However, the 76ers made another effort at the last moment. Niang and Embiid both walked to the free throw line to score points. The 76ers Responded to a 6-0 run and took a 15-point lead into the second quarter.

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In the first 2 minutes of the second quarter, neither side was able to score, and the 76ers, who had the absolute upper hand in the first quarter, seemed to suddenly switch teams. In the first 5 minutes and 50 seconds, only Embiid scored 4 points. The rest of the players have made no achievements, and the Nuggets have not been stable. Fortunately, Hyland and Barton scored consecutive points to chase the point difference to single digits. Back from the suspension, Harden made two assists and two free throws for the 76ers to break through. They sent a 13-3 offensive to regain a 19-point lead. However, at the end of the 76ers again, the 76ers shut down, and the Nuggets, who were behind by a large score, saved themselves in time. , Jokic hit three-pointers twice, Jeff Green contributed dunks twice, the Nuggets responded with an 18-4 offensive in just 4 minutes to catch up with the score, after halftime, the 76ers 58 -53 leads the Nuggets.

After returning from the rest, the Nuggets continued their efficient state. Jokic scored 4 points in a row and sent assists in the opening. Coupled with Jeff Green’s dunks and Gordon’s three-pointers, the Nuggets achieved a go-ahead score shortly after the opening. However, the 76ers called a timeout in time and stabilized the situation. Harden’s key 2+1 stopped the team’s bleeding. Then Embiid scored 6 points in a row in the interior, and the 76ers responded with a 9-0 offensive to regain the initiative. . In the second half of the quarter, the state of the two teams was not much different. Morris and Jokic scored points in succession for the Nuggets, while the 76ers were Embiid and Harden to defend the advantage. The two scored 30 points for the team in this quarter. With 25 points, the 76ers entered the fourth quarter with a 7-point advantage.

However, in the fourth quarter of the rotation, the 76ers gave up their advantage. The 76ers lacked Harden’s combing. The 76ers attacked misfire. On the Nuggets side, Little Rivers and Cousins ​​both hit three-pointers, and the Nuggets went 8-1. The offensive quickly caught up with the score. Maxey’s three-point attempt broke ground, but then Cousins ​​hit another three-pointer in the next round. The scores of Niang and Embiid tried to turn the tide for the team, but then Hyland also made three three-pointers from the outside and overtook the score. The 76ers recovered in time after the suspension came back. Harden stood up and scored 6 key points to regain the initiative. However, it was Hyland who hit a three-pointer from the outside. With Jokic’s key goal, the Nuggets quickly regained the initiative and established the victory. Niang At the last minute, a three-pointer was missed and failed to tie the game. In the end, the Nuggets won the game away from the 76ers.