Los Angeles Rams

Los Angeles Rams Security Eric Weddle does not continue to play after the super bowl

To help the second-line lineup, Los Angeles Rams, 37-year-old security Eric Weddle, the fire line, helped Los Angeles Rams in the past three weeks to continue the playoffs journey .

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But this does not mean Eric Weddle will continue to fight for 2022 season. When you participate in the broadcast show, Eric Weddle is clearly stated that you will return to the retired state after your super bowl.

“I know that I don’t have to prepare for the next season, don’t consider the seasons, even last week, I don’t have to consider the super bowl. I feel very good. I just got all my best to play.” Eric Weddle said, “After the super bowl, I will return to the life, I will not come back again. I will not join another team and will not play another game again. No, no, no, no. “

Eric Weddle completed 9 cuddles in Sunday, San Francisco 49ers, the same game