Pittsburgh Steelers

Kevin Colbert, general manager of Pittsburgh Stelers, will leave after the election

On Friday, Pittsburgh Steelers Boss Art Rooney II said that General Manager Kevin Colbert will leave after this year.

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The replacement of the general manager does not affect the coach and the general manager’s work distribution, and Art Rooney II said that he thinks that the previous distribution “is very good”.

“Kevin Colbert and I still have room, we may let him have a new position after the election.” Art Rooney II said, “We will start the new general manager’s search work, but it is officially hired to wait until the draft. We will start Interview candidates now have interviewed two internal candidates: OMAR KHAN and BRANDON HUNT. “

Kevin Colbert has always been expressed, as long as the four-point guard Ben Roethlisberger is still there, it will continue to work. Ben Roethlisberger has announced the decision decision on Thursday, ending his 18-year career.

Kevin Colbert is the cost of Pittsburgh Stelers for 22 years and is officially made in 2010. He won the super bowl of champion twice, and he won the Meidian partition champion.