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Hornets beat Thunder, Rozier 30 points SGA 32+8

On March 15th, the NBA regular season continued. The Charlotte Hornets challenged the Oklahoma City Thunder away from home. After the Hornets scored 41 points in the first quarter, they took over the game in the second quarter and finally won 134-116. Give the Thunder a six-game losing streak.

Rozier had 30 points and 6 rebounds, Bridges had 27 points and 6 assists, 21 points and 7 assists from three goals, and Thomas had 12 points and 4 assists.

For the Thunder, Alexander had 32 points, 8 rebounds and 5 assists, Bazley had 25 points, Mann had 13 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists, and Pokou had 17 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists.

In this game, Bridges completed a dunk and helped the Hornets open the scoring. Bazley then hit a three-pointer to fight back. The two teams went back and forth in the first half of the quarter. After Trey Mann hit a three-pointer , the two sides were tied at 21. Since then, the situation has changed suddenly, the Hornets’ offense has stagnated, and the Thunder has played a 15-1 offensive. After that, the two sides formed a stalemate. After the first quarter, the Thunder led 41-29.

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Back in the second quarter, the Thunder came up and played a 6-0 offensive. After Pocu hit a three-pointer, the Thunder led 47-29. Thomas has since become the X factor. He hit 4 consecutive three-pointers and led the Hornets to a 21-5 super offensive. After Bridges hit a three-pointer, the Hornets chased the score to 50-52. After that, the two sides confronted each other. The Hornets even overtook the score at the end of this quarter. With Alexander’s tipping at the whistle, at the end of the half, the Thunder fell behind 64-65. They were beaten 36 by their opponents in this quarter. -twenty three.

In the second half, Bridges made a three-pointer. LaMelo Ball was also active on the offensive end. He not only broke into the penalty area to make a foul, but also made two three-pointers on the outside. The Hornets extended their lead. to 9 points. Alexander hit a three-pointer, but it still couldn’t stop the Hornets’ offensive. Rozier scored 2+1. Ball continued his hot touch on the outside. The Hornets once established a 17-point lead. It wasn’t until the end of this quarter that the Hornets’ offense recovered slightly. Reich made two three-pointers, and Mann also hit a buzzer-beater. At the end of the third quarter, the Thunder trailed 91-102.

At the end of the quarter, Rozier still felt hot. Under his leadership, the Hornets made another 11-3 offensive. After Oubre completed the alley-oop dunks, the Hornets re-expanded their lead to 19 points. The Thunder then worked hard to chase the points, but it was difficult to narrow the difference. With 2 and a half minutes left in this section, Bridges hit a jumper and the Hornets still maintained an 18-point lead. The Thunder took down the main force and conceded defeat. In the end, the Hornets easily defeated their opponents 134-116.