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Garnett: I’m really happy to see Ray Allen coming

On March 14, the Boston Celtics held a jersey retirement ceremony for legendary star Kevin Garnett at home.

At the ceremony, Garnett’s former teammate Brian Scalbrane interviewed Garnett. The main contents of the interview are as follows:

Garnett: “Are you nervous?”

Scalbrini: “Nervous. I’ve been nervous since they told me to interview you.”

Garnett: “Okay, let’s all take it easy.”

Scalbrane: “What does today mean to you?”

Garnett: “It feels unbelievable. I want to thank the league, I want to thank David Stern and Adam Silver. I want to thank the board of directors. I never imagined I would be where I am today, I never thought I was here The jersey can be retired. Before I came, Antoine Walker (former Celtics player) told me a lot of stories about this place. So when I was here for the first time for the press conference, I looked up Looking at the jerseys hanging above the arena and imagining that not only can I win a championship, but that I can have the opportunity to stay above the arena forever.”

Scalbrane: “Where did it all start?”

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Garnett: “My high school coach Wolff, he taught me a lot. He made me not be afraid to show my style, my style is energy, I’m a very passionate person. He encouraged me on the court. Show your style and be your truest self. So I’ve been playing that way ever since.”

Scalbrane: “You had a tough time in Minnesota. I know you’re a very loyal player, so what was the summer like before you came to the Celtics?”

Garnett: “Loyalty is something in my DNA. Pierce and I have always been good friends, we’ve always met at the All-Star Game, we’ve always chatted. I came here one time and I joked with Pierce, Then that ‘notorious’ Danny Ainge saw me and it changed history. Let’s call Danny Ainge by name. I’ll mention Minnesota too. Minnesota shaped me when I came to Boston Know what to do. When I’m here, I need to know that I’m in line with the management, the coaches. I’ve seen the tapes you put on today and it’s been saying, I’m here to make the players here become It’s better, in fact, what I’m saying is that you made me better.”

Garnett: “I’m going to say it alone, it’s really good to see Ray Allen sitting here, really. These guys make me better. I’m a very focused player and I I take basketball very seriously and I train very hard. I know a lot of players say they stay in the arena, but I really stay in the arena. Me, Paul, Ray, we always motivate each other, and in practice we They’re all watching each other, and I’ll watch how Ray trains his shots, and I’ll learn how Paul practices one-on-ones. I’ve learned a lot from everyone.”

Scalbrane: “Talk about your playoff games.”

Garnett: “I’ve played in the playoffs before, but I’ve had my first championship race since I came here. I was very confident in the team at the time. I think the only thing that can stop us is the injury, if we Without injury, we were able to win a few more championships. That playoff game is such a precious memory. My child Capri was born that year. I will never forget it.”

Scalbrane: “I was a teammate with KG for three years, and in my mind KG never shirks the blame. There was only one exception. I remember one time we played against the Spurs and Matt Bonner played very well. Okay, Pierce called out at halftime, who’s guarding Bonner? KG called, I’m guarding, but do you know why he’s always open? Because I’ve been going to help you cover Ginobili!”

Garnett: “Yeah, I like your way of saying it. I was blown away by Matt Bonner because Pierce was there. Thank you so much, Pierce. Finally, I want to thank everyone. I want to thank the board of directors. , I want to thank Danny Ainge for his vision, Coach Rivers for his guidance, every teammate who was here today. Thank you every player who is playing for the Celtics right now, and I wish you all the best in the playoffs Luck, hope you fight together and win together. Finally, I want to thank every fan. I love you, Boston.”