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Eagles beat Trail Blazers, Trae Young 46+12 Hart 31 points

On March 15, in the NBA regular season, the Eagles defeated the Blazers 122-113 at home and won three consecutive victories. Trae Young scored 46 points, 6 rebounds and 12 assists, Hunter had 20 points, and Capela had 8 points and 16 rebounds. For the Blazers, Hart had 31 points and 7 rebounds, Watford had 22 points and 9 rebounds, and Brandon Williams had 20 points.

After the jump ball, the Blazers took the lead to score points. Williams and Hart combined inside and out. Xuertri responded immediately with a sudden outside shot. Eubanks scored at the basket. The extra firepower continued on the outside line, Hart stopped the bleeding in time with 2+1, and the two sides clinched the score after the start. Williams and Watford scored three points in the middle. The Blazers succeeded in overtaking after a wave of 8-0. Consecutive shots and passes stabilized the situation. At the end of the period, Hart faced Biao Trae-Yang. The Eagles attack stalled again. Hart Biao made a three-pointer, Dunn and Johnson scored a layup, and the Blazers scored 7-0 again. The Blazers took the lead 34-29 at the end.

Back in the second quarter, Eubanks scored a tip-up, Hughes Biao made a three-pointer, Huerter made a jumper to stop the bleeding in time, Hughes made an emergency stop and shot, Watford followed up to make up the dunk and abused the basket, and the Blazers continued. Dominant, Capela dunks one after another in the middle, Huert teamed up with Bogda to continue chasing points, Hartley scored 5 points in a row from outside shots, Eubanks blew the basket with one hand, Hart counterattacked and made a layup, opening up The player maintained the advantage. At the end of the game, Hunter faced Biao Hart from the outside line, and Trey Yang led the team to chase points with a penalty. Ellerby responded by air, and after halftime, the Blazers expanded their advantage 67-58.

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After changing sides again, Eubanks and Watford scored points one after another. The Blazers expanded the point difference to double digits. Trae Young broke out suddenly, and there were 2+1 transitions and three-pointers. Trae Young made a short throw to stop the bleeding, Trey Young felt hot and made three consecutive points, the Eagles blasted a 16-2 attack wave to reduce the point difference to 1 point, Trey Young continued to score points with a penalty in the middle, Hunter After making two free throws, the Eagles achieved a go-ahead, and the Trail Blazers’ offense was still sluggish at the end. Trae Young continued to ask for anything. The Eagles took a double-digit lead after a wave of 15-2. Hughes teamed up with Johnson to stop the bleeding in time. After the third quarter, the Eagles 89-84 lead the score.

At the end of the quarter, Eubanks dunked and abused the basket, Okongwu Huangfei scored a 2+1 defense, Lu Wei teamed up with Bogda to continuously score points, Luwauri scored 5 points in a row from outside shots, and the Eagles attack suddenly stopped in the middle. Watford Williams made a three-pointer in a row, and Hart also made a throw. The Blazers reduced the difference to 1 point with a wave of 10-0. Huerter stopped the bleeding with a three-pointer. Hunter made a throw and scored, and Hart teamed up with William. James continued to chase the points, Capela dunked on the cake at the end, Hunter made a series of outings to score points, the Trail Blazers failed to chase the points, Wright and Trey Young even made free throws to end the suspense, and finally the Eagles beat their opponents.