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Clippers beat Pistons, Morris Jr. 31+7, Cunningham 23+10

On March 14, the Clippers beat the Pistons 106-102 away, avoiding a losing streak. Morris Jr. 31 points and 7 rebounds, Zubac 14 points and 15 rebounds, Reggie 15 points, 8 rebounds and 9 assists, Kennard 16 points; the Pistons lost 3 straight, Cunningham 23 points, 9 rebounds, 10 assists and 2 blocks, Grant 21 points and 5 rebounds, Bagley 15 points and 8 rebounds, Bay 13 points, 8 rebounds and 2 steals.

After the opening, the Clippers only scored 2 points in more than 5 minutes, and it took nearly 3 minutes for Cunningham to make a layup before starting for the Pistons, but Bei and Joseph found the touch and threw 3 three-pointers in succession. -0 directly establishes a double-digit lead. After coming back from the timeout, Morris Jr.’s mid-range shot was finally broken, but Cunningham and Bay were able to respond with successive throws. Morris Jr. played 2+1 on the inside to stop the bleeding, and Reggie finally got the first point in his throw. However, Olynyk made a three-pointer and opened his hand to respond strongly. Mann made a killing and chased two more points. At the end of the first quarter, the Pistons led the Clippers 24-16.

In the second quarter of the game, Olynyk continued to add points from the shot and self-snatch. Cunningham also played a strong 2+1 under the basket. The Pistons continued to widen the point difference with a wave of 7-1. Kennard came up with one attack and one pass to help quickly. The boat stopped the bleeding, but Isaiah Rivers could also throw a three-pointer in response, and then the two sides made each other’s kills and walked to the free throw line to score points. Answer ball, the Clippers shrunk to 10 points in a wave of 8-0. After the timeout came back, Grant counterattacked a three-pointer to stop the bleeding, and the Clippers made consecutive mistakes. The Pistons seized the opportunity to continue adding points. Morris Jr. made a killing and continued to stop the bleeding. At the end of the half, the Pistons led the Clippers 53-39 by 14 points.

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After the second half, Bagley threw the shot and continued to add points. Reggie finally found a touch to make a deal on the outside. Morris Jr. made a mid-range shot from the free throw line, and the Clippers chased after a wave of small climax to the single-digit difference. After the successful challenge of the Pistons, Bagley made a dunk to stop the bleeding. Zubac continued to chase after the basket, but Bay’s three-pointer and Cunningham’s mid-range shot were still able to respond strongly. In the tug-of-war, Morris Jr. seized the opportunity again with a three-pointer from the outside. Grant immediately responded to the answer ball. After Batum made a dunk on the inside, Kennard also made a three-point draw. The Clippers narrowed the difference to 4 points. Ning’an made an emergency to stop the bleeding, but Zubac continued to narrow the difference by eating cakes and dunks at the basket. At the end of the third quarter, the Clippers trailed the Pistons 70-72 by 2 points.

In the last quarter, Grant came up hot and hit three-pointers in succession to help the Pistons stabilize the situation, but Reggie responded quickly with three-pointers. An Qiang’s inside line continued to stop the bleeding, but Kennard directly overtook the score with three points and one arrow. Back from the timeout, Hartenstein added 2 more points for alley-oop dunks, Kennard also continued his touch and threw into long-range shots one after another, the Clippers continued to expand their lead, Isaiah Rivers continued to chase points with three points, Ken Nader could also respond to the answer ball. Bagley dunked at the basket and Cunningham’s counterattack made an emergency to continue his life. Reggie made a key three-pointer at the buzzer. In the end, the Clippers beat the Pistons 106-102.