Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield will undergo shoulder surgery

On Tuesday, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield will not play next week’s game against Cincinnati Bengals. He will undergo surgery as soon as possible to repair the sprained lip joint of his left shoulder.

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Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski said the surgery will be performed as soon as this week. Baker Mayfield still has the opportunity to participate in the off-season training program.

Baker Mayfield has been suffering from a shoulder injury since the second week and admitted that he was in poor condition after losing to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Baker Mayfield was sacked and killed 9 times in the game.

Cleveland Browns, with a current record of 7-9, has been determined to miss the playoffs, while Cincinnati Bengals has secured the top spot in the North Division of the American League. Kevin Stefanski also admitted that his shoulder injury affected Baker Mayfield’s performance, but he does not regret his decision to play with the injury.

“In this process, we have been trying to make the right decision based on the existing information.” Kevin Stefanski said, “We have been communicating with medical staff, communicating with Baker, but also based on these beliefs that he can play.”

Cleveland Browns previously implemented Baker Mayfield’s fifth-year contract option, and his contract will expire after the end of the 2022 season.