Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh unhappy with referee’s call

Chicago Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh was upset when he was called for a taunting foul by referee Tony Corrente in the fourth quarter on Monday night.

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Cassius Marsh said after the game: “On my way to the touchline, the referee hit me with his butt when he stepped back. The video replay is very clear. If I did it on my own initiative, or even touched the referee, I would be ejected and also There could be a suspension, a fine. I just think it’s very unreasonable.”

Cassius Marsh made his own signature celebration after an 8-yard sack on Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on the 3rd. Cassius Marsh took a few steps toward the Pittsburgh Steelers bench before making physical contact with Tony Corrente on his way back to the Chicago Bears sideline. Tony Corrente immediately threw the yellow flag and called a taunting foul, giving the Chicago Bears a 15-yard penalty. The Hong Kongers got a new attacking opportunity and finally hit a free-kick shot.

Tony Corrente said that the physical contact has nothing to do with the reason for his call: “First of all, please note that taunting is a focus of the call this year. I saw this player, after completing the key sack, ran to the Pittsburgh Steelers bench. Xi, the gesture made me think he was taunting each other. Physical contact has nothing to do with that.”