Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold will return to the game

On Wednesday, Carolina Panthers coach Matt Rhule said quarterback Sam Darnold is expected to participate in Sunday’s home closing game against the Carolina Panthers, but Cam Newton will still be the starter.

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“Sam Darnold’s starting record is 4-5.” Matt Rhule said, “Sam Darnold had some great performances, but it was relatively flat afterwards. When Sam Darnold has a chance to play, I will be happy to see Sam Darnold after a rest period. What is the level.”

Carolina Panthers currently has a record of 5-9 and has suffered a four-game losing streak. The probability of making the playoffs as a wild card team is less than 1%. Cam Newton’s contract will expire after the end of the season, and Sam Darnold’s will not. But Matt Rhule said that contract issues will not affect the quarterback selection.

“Our job is to make good choices for the team and make decisions that will win on Sunday,” Matt Rhule said. “There is no decision that is easy or needless to consider. We have to do the right thing.”