New York Giants

Brian Daboll will take the new York Giants new coach

On Friday, New York Giants announced that the former Buffalo Bills attack coordinator Brian Daboll is new coach.

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Brian Daboll’s coach is Joe Judge, he is a two-year record 10-23, which is already a coach that New York Giants has been fried in the third consecutive season or within. The two were previously Ben Mcadoo (13-15) and Pat Shurmur (9-23).

In the past two seasons in Buffalo Bills, Brian Daboll can bring out the top five offensive groups in the Alliance every year, and it is also an important helper for the growth of four-point guards. It is also an advantage that Joe Schoen, general manager of New York Giants, General Manager of Beffalo Bills is also an advantage.

“In the past four years, I created Brian Daboll as a strong item. He communicated excellent, intelligent, innovation, and very hard.” Joe Schoen said in the statement that “Brian Daboll will establish a good relationship with players and coaches. The idea is open, attaches importance to cooperation, these two are also our most valued. “

After Brian Daboll left, the Buffalo Bills Passage Coators and Quadrupid Coach Ken Dorsey expects to become a new offensive coordinator.