Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins sprained his knee, hopes to return to the playoffs

On Wednesday, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins will miss the rest of the season due to a sprained knee, but the team still hopes that DeAndre Hopkins will return during the playoffs.

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It is currently uncertain whether DeAndre Hopkins needs surgery. DeAndre Hopkins was injured in a game against Los Angeles Rams. At the time, DeAndre Hopkins tried to catch the ball in the end zone, but was accidentally pressed on his leg by two players when he landed.

DeAndre Hopkins has missed three games this season due to a hamstring injury.

This season DeAndre Hopkins contributed 8 catches and touchdowns for Arizona Cardinals, ranking first in the team. In addition, DeAndre Hopkins also contributed 42 catches and advanced 572 yards.

Arizona Cardinals currently has a record of 10-3, temporarily ranking first in the West Division of the National League. They hope this season can change the embarrassing situation of not making the playoffs for many years.